When anxiety triggers anger

When Anxiety Triggers Anger.

That feeling of hot, prickly anger that overwhelms you. Clenched teeth and nails digging into your palms. Anxiety can often trigger debilitating anger. When Anxiety Triggers Anger. It may be triggered by that insensitive joke. Or remembering how badly you were treated. Or maybe by frustration with yourself. Anxiety gives you that sense of being […]

Has Xmas Put Pressure On Your Relationship?

Has Xmas Put Pressure On Your Relationship?

Xmas is the time of year that tests relationships more than any other, and relationship problems start to become more obvious. Has Xmas put pressure on your relationship? Without the usual routine of work to dilute and mask the cracks that have appeared, things can start to feel really strained. When you’re at the point […]

Are You A People Pleaser?

Are You A People Pleaser?

People pleasing is exhausting and usually leaves you feeling frustrated, angry and downtrodden. It’s ingrained behaviour and usually, goes hand in hand with low self-esteem. So, are you a people pleaser? People pleasers usually think this behaviour makes them feel better about themselves, as others like them more. What often surprises people pleasers is that […]

What's Your Life Purpose?

What’s Your Life Purpose?

I get really excited when I’m alerted to new research. I am, of course, waiting for that magical piece of clinical research telling me how to solve problems more efficiently. What’s your life purpose? Magic Wand Territory. Unfortunately. I’ve just read some really interesting stuff about this subject. It’s been found to help with the […]

Silence Your Parrot.

Silence Your Parrot.

I often find myself having a conversation about ‘that voice in your head.’ We all do it, just nobody ever mentions it for fear of seeming a little, well, odd. So silence your parrot. For most people I speak to, the voice is very negative and hugely destructive. The voice will tell people they are […]

Anxiety Why Me?

Anxiety, Why Me?

Worries, fears and anxieties can affect us all differently. People who experience anxiety problems often want to know why anxiety why me? Research tells us that there are 3 main factors that anxiety related problems can be linked to; • Environment, level of life stress and available support.• Personality type and childhood experience (learning).• Psychological […]

Overcoming Phobia

Overcoming Phobia.

A specific phobia describes the persistent fear of an object or situation. Fear of spiders, wasps, birds, snakes, blood or things like needle phobia are quite common. So how do you start overcoming phobia? The fear of something produces both a psychological and physical response, so you register the fear and also feel it in […]

Why Are You Still Struggling?

Why Are You Still Struggling?

I’ve just had a review posted on my Facebook. Its an incredibly brave move to do so. Posting this may mean that somebody finally gets the help they need. Mental health is a problem that people don’t like to talk about, and the taboo of mental health problems means that people often don’t get the […]

Do you rely on how you look?

Working in Wilmslow and London I have an abnormally high incidence of infidelity problems to deal with. There are lots of reasons why this could be, but one of them seems to be that women in particular rely on their looks to stop their partner ‘cheating’. We’ve all seen ‘Cheshire housewives’ and the London equivalent […]

The stigma of mental health problems

I always feel very honoured when people choose to work with me. I consider it a great privilege that they feel confident enough in my training and experience to help them through tough times to the other side. Sometimes people turn up in my office that have had a particularly tough time, and this client […]

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