How to completely change your Valentines day..

My guilty secret is back on our screens and I’m updating my vocabulary to include words like rizz (charm or charisma) and sitch (situation or relationship). I now understand what younger clients are telling me, and Louisa (in the office) no longer makes me feel like a dinosaur from a far–distant land. The thing that […]

How reliant is your relationship?

  How reliant is your happiness on your relationship? By relationship I mean your intimate relationship if you have one at the moment. If you’re single, maybe you believe that you can only ever be truly happy when you’re in a relationship? When you struggle with anxiety, it can be too easy to outsource your […]

What relationships are important to you?

I’m not a huge fan of valentine’s day. If your significant other only tells you once a year (on valentine’s day) how they feel about you, and how much you mean to them, it’s time to reassess things. It also puts huge pressure on people who are not in a relationship. You only have to […]

Have you got a ‘thing’?

I often notice when people have a ‘thing’ that stops them living life and being happy. These things can be really traumatic and/or debilitating. In no way am I minimising your thing. I hear the most horrific things happening to people and I recognise the horror of living with chronic problems. The unexpected death of a loved […]

How to Christmas-proof your relationship…

A huge number of relationships find Christmas is the final straw. You may have limped along in your day to day lives and be happy that you’ve made it through the last few years. But, maybe, Christmas will be the final straw? Every year there’s a huge spike in relationship break ups and divorce in […]

The four relationship attachment styles…

September is always relationship month. A combination of spending 24/7 with each other on holiday and for some, having to entertain school-age kids; a recipe for relationship pressure. When I’m tasked with helping to repair a relationship, I always need to know what attachment style you have. Attachment styles are patterns of how we think, […]

How and Why Men and Women Deal With Relationship Problems Differently.

How and Why Men and Women Deal With Relationship Problems Differently.

Men and women are so inherently different, but that isn’t something that should immediately cause concern, it’s just who we are and how we view the world around us. So today we’re going to look at how and why men and women deal with relationship problems differently. However, even knowing that we’re different still doesn’t […]

Did you choose the wrong relationship?

Did you choose the wrong relationship?

I’m a bit of an old romantic….actually, that’s a total understatement. I’m a ridiculous, overly sentimental sucker for love and romance, whose favorite book is Wuthering Heights. I know that’s probably difficult to believe with my small person syndrome/Scrappy-Doo exterior, but that’s just how it is. Unlike some psychologists who consider themselves far too important […]

Has Xmas Put Pressure On Your Relationship?

Has Xmas Put Pressure On Your Relationship?

Xmas is the time of year that tests relationships more than any other, and relationship problems start to become more obvious. Has Xmas put pressure on your relationship? Without the usual routine of work to dilute and mask the cracks that have appeared, things can start to feel really strained. When you’re at the point […]

Still Single?

According to the latest research 1 in 3 women are still single at the age of 35. I like to call this age ‘the golden hour’, a term that medics use after a serious accident where there is a threat to life and what happens in that first hour shapes that person’s life. I call […]

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