Happy New Year

Thank you… Thank you soooo much for all your support in 2022. Thank you for reading my blogs and emails, listening to the podcast, and liking my social media. Most importantly, thank you for putting your trust and faith in me to help you overcome anything that holds you back from living joyfully. I’ve had […]

My top tips to Christmas-proof your relationship…

To avoid your relationship becoming a Christmas casualty, there are things you can do now. Not only is it important to nurture your relationship, it’s also important to keep your own stress to a minimum. These are a few of my top tips; Find time to discuss how you’d like Christmas to be. Agree a […]

Comfort in the chaos…

A client mentioned this phrase earlier to me…… “Finding comfort within chaos” People sometimes keep themselves purposely busy to the point of chaos. This can be because it helps them avoid something. I often call this ‘stuckness.’ Being busy and getting things done can seem positive and yes, you do move stuff forwards. It can […]

Things that nobody tells you…

Have you ever noticed that we could hear a hundred great things about ourselves and totally discount them; the first (and only) negative thing, we take as the gospel truth and ruminate over it for weeks? This is called the negativity bias and highlights how evolution has shaped our brains. Back in the time when […]

Is what you want actually what you need?

I read an article recently about the amount of people taking early retirement…..who can blame them? The world’s in a mess at the moment and if you can afford to, it must seem like an attractive option. I’ve had clients in recently who’ve decided to do exactly that, or their version of the same. Some […]

You may not believe this…

I know some of you may struggle to believe this, but I’ve sometimes been called difficult! I say this with a wry smile, because now my age begins with a ‘5,’ I’m starting to enjoy being ‘difficult’. I’ve recently come back from some time in Portugal with my significant other. We had a lovely lunch […]

What is your thinking style?

Here are a few examples of common thinking errors and what you can do about them. Remember, that you are what you think you are.  

What are your thoughts?

We are what we think we are. This week I’ve decided to record a short video to give my hands a break from my 2 finger typing. The main message today is understanding that what and how we think is hugely important. We literally are what we think we are. Keep an eye out for […]

What to do about problem drinking?

Scoring the MAST questionnaire about problematic drinking may have come as a bit of a shock for you. Maybe you already knew, but have worked hard to deny that you’re drinking too much? The few words that accompany the scores are very unassuming. If you’ve scored more than 2 on the MAST, DO NOT IGNORE […]

Why does it matter anyway?

I hate the title ‘mental health,’ what does it mean anyway? We’ve all become so inoculated by messages about mental health, that it starts to become meaningless. On World Mental Health Day, I thought I’d tell you what it means to me, a mental health specialist (psychologist)…… To me, mental health describes happiness. Happiness is […]

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