It’s me, hi, i’m the problem.

How are you feeling at the start of a new year?   Now you know my feelings about this ‘new year, new me’ shizzle, but in all seriousness, if there are changes you’d like to make, read on……….. I was listening to Taylor Swift being interviewed about being TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year”.I wouldn’t […]

Your problems will always be the same.

The things that send people through my door are not always (to the outside world) the huge things, but often an accumulation of things, sometimes across a lifetime. I’ve seen a client this morning who I last saw about 15 years ago. The problem that’s driven her through my (virtual) door, sounds like a different […]

What to do when life kicks you in the teeth.

What to do when life kicks you in the teeth.

There’s not a person alive who hasn’t been in this place at some point in their lives. When life kicks you in the teeth your house may have been flooded, you lose your job, and your significant other decides to leave suddenly. The list is endless and we all react to huge and unexpected stressors […]

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