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The moment when you think your life’s going to pieces

(And exactly what you can do to fix it without NHS waiting lists and anti-depressants) See if this sounds familiar… It’s the school run. You drop your kids off at the gate and then rush off; can’t risk awkward small talk with the mums. Then the weekend comes. A friend’s 40th. You haven’t been out […]

How to overcome the stress of redundancy

Are you worried about being made redundant? Anxiety, stress and worry are currently at an all-time high, and no wonder. With most of the workforce furloughed or already made redundant, these are incredibly worrying times. With no guarantee that furlough won’t eventually lead to redundancy and no sign of the lock-down easing, how do we […]

How to deal with a panic attack.

How to deal with a panic attack.

For the uninitiated, a panic attack striking out of the blue can be akin to having a heart attack. The symptoms are very similar, very real and very scary. Out of nowhere you suddenly have intense, overwhelming anxiety, accompanied by physical symptoms. Whilst not life threatening, these can leave you feeling very shaken and frightened, […]

What is the difference between anxiety and depression

What’s the difference between anxiety and depression?

A recent report says that almost 80 million prescriptions for antidepressant drugs were given out in England in 2018, almost double the number of prescriptions dispensed in 2008. So, What’s the difference between anxiety and depression? One of the reasons cited by NHS England for this rise is the common misconception that there is a […]

Why low self-esteem can be changed

If you suffer from low self-esteem know this – how you see and value yourself can be changed. What you believe about yourself can sometimes feel as if it’s carved in stone, that you’re you, and you won’t ever change, that your dislike of yourself is a part of who you are, but that’s just […]

Perfectly Imperfect.

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectionism. Of course, we all want to do things well, a quest for perfection can be admirable. There is however, a huge difference between wanting to do things well and having a problem with perfectionism. Consider instead Perfectly Imperfect. It’s incredibly frustrating when people persist in perfecting tasks and attending to detail in a way […]

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Mental health help is an absolute sh*t show. It’s unregulated, disregarded and hardly anyone seems to get the help they need. It takes real courage for you to stand up and admit you’ve got something you need help with, to end up feeling confused, worthless and worse off. I’m beginning to get really pi**ed off […]

Are You A People Pleaser?

Are You A People Pleaser?

People pleasing is exhausting and usually leaves you feeling frustrated, angry and downtrodden. It’s ingrained behaviour and usually, goes hand in hand with low self-esteem. So, are you a people pleaser? People pleasers usually think this behaviour makes them feel better about themselves, as others like them more. What often surprises people pleasers is that […]

Silence Your Parrot.

Silence Your Parrot.

I often find myself having a conversation about ‘that voice in your head.’ We all do it, just nobody ever mentions it for fear of seeming a little, well, odd. So silence your parrot. For most people I speak to, the voice is very negative and hugely destructive. The voice will tell people they are […]

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