How to recover from a toxic relationship….

A large part of what I work with in my private practice, are the consequences of relationships. Not only intimate relationships, but friendships and relationships with family. Hopefully people walk through my door at a point when things can be sorted amicably, but sometimes clients have struggled through a toxic relationship. The consequences of a […]

Imposter syndrome…

It’s normal to feel out of place or doubt yourself occasionally. But if you have these feelings most of the time, you may be experiencing imposter syndrome.   Imposter syndrome refers to long-lasting feelings of unworthiness that don’t match up with the facts or others’ perceptions.   The key feature of imposter syndrome is a […]

Insider tips about anxiety…

Mental health awareness week 2023 is all about anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety, I’m sure you’ll spend all week being bombarded with information about anxiety. But let’s be honest, what you actually want to know is; how to fix anxiety, kick it to the curb, never have to think about it again, stop it […]

Alcohol tells the biggest lie of all…..

What’s your problem? Is it work stress? Are you overworked and underpaid, or been looked over for promotion? Did you choose the wrong career and now you regret it? Maybe you feel like you’re in the wrong relationship? Are you a frazzled, exhausted parent? Do you have financial stress, are you deep in debt, and […]

Secrets to changing the way you think and feel.

I’m not sure that CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is much of a secret, but what it will do is challenge the way you think about things. The theory behind CBT is based on the fact that our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviour are all connected. What we think is what we feel. If we […]

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