Why you feel anxious & depressed.

It’s really normal to feel anxious AND depressed at the same time. Depression and anxiety are two distinct mental health conditions, but they often coexist and can influence each other. While they have their own unique features, there are several ways in which depression and low mood are linked to anxiety: Negative Thought Patterns: Both […]

What is the difference between anxiety and depression

What’s the difference between anxiety and depression?

A recent report says that almost 80 million prescriptions for antidepressant drugs were given out in England in 2018, almost double the number of prescriptions dispensed in 2008. So, What’s the difference between anxiety and depression? One of the reasons cited by NHS England for this rise is the common misconception that there is a […]

Understanding panic attack triggers and how to counter them.

Understanding panic attack triggers and how to counter them.

Panic attacks seem to blind-side you out of nowhere, but most of the time there is a trigger. So understanding panic attack triggers and how to counter them is important. If you can understand what triggers your panic attacks, you can learn to anticipate them, and work towards countering them. But first things first. The […]

What to say that's helpful

What to say that’s helpful

What to say that’s helpful – The 4 best things to say to somebody who is depressed. 1. I’m here for you. People with depression are trapped in a cycle of self – loathing and consequently are unable to reach out to others. Don’t assume they realise you want to support them, shout it from […]

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Mental health help is an absolute sh*t show. It’s unregulated, disregarded and hardly anyone seems to get the help they need. It takes real courage for you to stand up and admit you’ve got something you need help with, to end up feeling confused, worthless and worse off. I’m beginning to get really pi**ed off […]

What's Your Life Purpose?

What’s Your Life Purpose?

I get really excited when I’m alerted to new research. I am, of course, waiting for that magical piece of clinical research telling me how to solve problems more efficiently. What’s your life purpose? Magic Wand Territory. Unfortunately. I’ve just read some really interesting stuff about this subject. It’s been found to help with the […]

Anxiety Why Me?

Anxiety, Why Me?

Worries, fears and anxieties can affect us all differently. People who experience anxiety problems often want to know why anxiety why me? Research tells us that there are 3 main factors that anxiety related problems can be linked to; • Environment, level of life stress and available support.• Personality type and childhood experience (learning).• Psychological […]

3 Top Tips To Manage Depression

3 Top Tips to Manage Depression

There’s no questioning how debilitating and life changing depression can be, so here’s 3 Top Tips To Manage Depression. Avoiding the world and everyone in it can seem like the only thing that helps depression. I had a message from a lovely lady this week telling me that she was on the waiting list for […]

Why Are You Still Struggling?

Why Are You Still Struggling?

I’ve just had a review posted on my Facebook. Its an incredibly brave move to do so. Posting this may mean that somebody finally gets the help they need. Mental health is a problem that people don’t like to talk about, and the taboo of mental health problems means that people often don’t get the […]

The stigma of mental health problems

I always feel very honoured when people choose to work with me. I consider it a great privilege that they feel confident enough in my training and experience to help them through tough times to the other side. Sometimes people turn up in my office that have had a particularly tough time, and this client […]

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