Can you help?

I was beyond excited when my Overcoming Anxiety workbook hit the number one Amazon Kindle download for both mental health and psychology. Writing the book was a real labour of love, especially when my life is so busy, and I type soooo slowly. I wrote the book as a practical, dot to dot, step by step […]

Advice about OCD that may surprise you

Have you noticed that not many people seem to talk about OCD? Yes, there are people on social media that talk about it, but not as many as you’d expect. I often wonder if it’s because the ‘influencers’ aren’t trained psychologists and OCD can be trickier and more complicated to overcome. But you can definitely […]

Obsessively searching for answers…

I’ve spoken to a lovely client this week whom I’d last seen about 5 years ago. I’d seen her once, and she tells me she was much better, and has been, until a few weeks ago. The problem with anxiety is that it can come and go. When I help people, I help them to […]

Too good to be true?

Usually, when something feels a bit too good to be true, there’s a catch. There’s a thing you have to do, that takes ages, and is really complicated; you have to invite lots of friends and get them to do something. You know what I mean……..there’s stuff that needs doing. And if you’re anything like […]

What relationships are important to you?

I’m not a huge fan of valentine’s day. If your significant other only tells you once a year (on valentine’s day) how they feel about you, and how much you mean to them, it’s time to reassess things. It also puts huge pressure on people who are not in a relationship. You only have to […]

I challenge you…

My life has often felt like an endless round of battles, from neighbour disputes to stealing your parking space. It’s easy to try and take advantage of a 5ft woman who clearly doesn’t have a back-up team. It’s that natural bully in people when they think someone seems easy to bully.  The problem with all […]

Is it physical or psychological?

So many people confuse physical symptoms with emotional or psychological ones. A sleeping problem can be depression, but it’s easier to tell yourself (and others) that you struggle with insomnia. Hands up who’s thought constant fatigue was the symptom of a health problem rather than stress or anxiety? Maybe the constant headaches are symptoms of […]

Blue Monday…

Blue Monday is officially the most depressing day of the year.   How are you feeling?   It’s particularly tough if you already have stuff going on to feel anything but stuck. When I speak to clients who are stuck, I know that the first thing I need to do is to ‘unstick’ them.   […]

Have you got a ‘thing’?

I often notice when people have a ‘thing’ that stops them living life and being happy. These things can be really traumatic and/or debilitating. In no way am I minimising your thing. I hear the most horrific things happening to people and I recognise the horror of living with chronic problems. The unexpected death of a loved […]

Happy New Year

Thank you… Thank you soooo much for all your support in 2022. Thank you for reading my blogs and emails, listening to the podcast, and liking my social media. Most importantly, thank you for putting your trust and faith in me to help you overcome anything that holds you back from living joyfully. I’ve had […]

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