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Pyschotherapy for anxiety in Wilmslow

Anxiety is the body’s way of responding to being in danger.  Adrenaline is rushed into our bloodstream to enable us to run away or fight.  This happens whether the danger is real, or whether we believe the danger is there when actually there is none.  It is the body’s alarm and survival mechanism.  Primitive man wouldn’t have survived for long without this life-saving response.  It works so well, that it often kicks in when it’s not needed – when the danger is in our heads rather than in reality.  We think we’re in danger, so that’s enough to trigger the system to go, go, go!  People who get anxious tend to get into scanning mode – where they’re constantly on the lookout for danger, hyper-alert to any of the signals, and make it more likely that the alarm system will be activated.

Thoughts that often occur:

Physical Sensations – The Adrenaline Response 

When there is real, or we believe there is a real, threat or danger, our bodies’ automatic survival mechanism kicks in very quickly.  This helps energise us to fight or run away (‘fight or flight response’).  The action urge associated with anxiety is to escape or avoid.  We will therefore notice lots of physical sensations, which might include:

Heart racing – This helps to take the blood to where it is most needed – the legs so that we can run faster (flight); the arms so that we can hit out (FIGHT); the lungs to increase stamina.  At the same time blood is taken from the places it is not needed for example fingers, toes and skin.  These changes cause tingling coldness and numbness.

Breathing gets faster – This helps the bloodstream to carry oxygen to the arms, legs and lungs.  This will give us more power.  The side effects may include chest pain, breathlessness and a choking feeling.  As there is a slight drop in the blood and oxygen being sent to the brain we may feel dizzy or light headed, he may experience blurred vision.

Muscles tense and prepare – The large skeletal muscles tense and create power, this may cause pain, aching and shaking.

Sweating – Sweating helps to cool the muscles and the body. It helps to stop them from overheating.  Sweating can also make us more slippery to our enemies!

Pupils dilate – This lets more light into his eyes so that overall vision improves.  Side effects may include sensitivity to light or spots before our eyes.

Digestive system slows down – These are not important while in danger and so are slowed down then the saved energy goes to where it is most needed.  Side effects may include nausea, butterflies and a dry mouth.

More alert – We will be concentrating on looking for danger, much less able to concentrate on anything else.  We’re waiting for something to happen.

Behaviours might include:

Safety behaviours can also help to keep your anxiety going.  Whilst you depend on them to help you cope, you don’t get to find out that without them, the anxiety would reduce and go away on it’s own.

Whilst avoiding people or situations might help you feel better at that time, it doesn’t make your anxiety any better over a longer period.  If you’re frightened that your anxiety will make you pass out or vomit in the supermarket aisle, you won’t find out that won’t actually happen, because you don’t go.  So the belief that it will happen remains, along with the anxiety.

We all feel anxious some times.  A certain amount of anxiety helps us to be more alert and focused.  For example just prior to an exam, a few exam nerves have a positive effect – motivating us, helping us focus our thoughts on the job in hand, making us more alert.  Too much anxiety, or constantly being anxious, is unhealthy and detrimental to our lives and relationships.

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is the recommended treatment for anxiety and panic attacks.

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As an ex-athlete I’ve always advocated the benefits of keeping in shape physically, but it’s just as important to look after your mental wellbeing. Book a session with Wendy, she’s the person to help you look after your brain just as you would your body.

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It’s great to have a leading psychotherapist such as Wendy in the Cheshire area, outside of her Harley Street practice. After publicly raising awareness of mental health issues and myself recovering from depression, I know how immensely life-changing expert intervention can be.

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Retired ex-professional football who played for Bury, Wigan, Stoke, Preston, Norwich, Leicester and Brighton during a 14 year career. After leaving professional football, Jason battled depression and recovered with the help of therapy and family support.

Wendy is great at what she does; she made me feel at ease immediately and really helped me work through some issues.

Tara Costello

It’s funny but from the minute I met her I felt so relaxed and she was so easy to talk to. Thank you!

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Wendy isn’t only really good at what she does, she’s also really easy to talk to.

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I want to thank you Wendy from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through what must have been the most difficult time of my life.

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I was told she was the best and they were right.

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Although I consider myself a confident person, I was really nervous when I met Wendy for the first time. I had only emailed her before so it was really nerve wracking walking up the stairs to her office. I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever done. Wendy is really normal, no in fact she isn’t normal as she is unfailingly bright and smiley even when she has to listen to me moan on about how awful my life was. It feels like having a chat with somebody who just gets you and you can trust with things you have never trusted anybody else with before. The magic bit comes when things you have talked about just pop up into your head and you start to do things differently. Wendy once joked about not having a magic wand, but I think she has.

Paul Hendry

I came to Wendy with a set of problems I have never been able to fully explain to anyone, which included grief, many family issues and alcohol problems. Wendy truly has an active listening style and absorbs everything you are saying, whilst not making you feel analysed, it is an incredible skill. She astounded me at how she got to the crux of the issues so fast. So much so that we both agreed I only needed one session with her, obviously this may not be the case with everyone but I would confidently recommend her to anyone, regardless of your problems. There was no awkwardness or even clock watching, she is wonderful at what she does, take the plunge and make an appointment, you will not regret it. Life is a direction not a destination and she will get you on the path again.


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