Do you feel low in winter?

Now that the weather has well and truly taken a turn for the worst and the grey days seem never-ending, clients start to ask me about SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Let’s be honest, the bad weather and grey days make us all feel a bit less joyful, but SAD is different. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)  is a type of depression […]

Overcoming Work Stress…

A common problem that sends clients through my door is work stress. From bankruptcy to bullying, to hating your career, ultimately, it’s all about work stress. ​Sometimes work stress is about environmental factors that are out of your control. It’s difficult to feel out of control, but important to remember that the poor economy, or a change in the law is not […]

Self-love & Overwhelm….

Self-love and overwhelm are two important things that I help people deal with daily. They may sound like two entirely different concepts, but there is a distinct overlap. It’s crucial to work on self-love to reduce any feelings of overwhelm. Here’s how you can work on appreciating yourself and be free of overwhelm: Self-Love: Self-love is the foundation of […]

Facts or feelings…

Do you rely on facts or feelings to help you make a decision? If you rely on emotional reasoning, you’ll use how you feel as evidence for what you should do: The mere sight of your partner makes you feel irritated enough to start talking about everything they’ve ever done wrong. Feeling stressed and anxious […]

Have you ever been called controlling?

People with anxiety can often be called controlling, obsessive or bossy and being called a control freak is now part of our everyday language. Whilst you may have elements of all or some of this in the way you behave, there’s an important reason behind it. You may feel actively anxious, or you may be […]

World Mental Health Day

Mental health takes the spotlight on World Mental Health Day because it’s a reminder that our emotional and psychological well-being is just as important as our physical health.   Reducing Stigma: Many people still feel shame or embarrassment about discussing their mental health issues. World Mental Health Day helps break down this stigma, encouraging people […]

Driving anxiety…

Driving anxiety is far more common than you think. Sometimes driving anxiety is part of feeling anxious generally, however some may only feel anxious about driving. Driving anxiety may be the result of being involved in a car accident or it may as a result of modelling driving anxiety. I sometimes talk about anxiety almost […]

Hypnosis – Grab 20% off!

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Get ready for something exciting….

🌟 Get Ready to Unlock Your Mind’s Hidden Potential in the Easiest Way Imaginable!   🌀 Introducing the Ultimate Hypnosis Download Experience, Available Soon! 🌀   🚀 Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation like never before? 🚀   Imagine a world where you can easily and effortlessly:   💡 Tap into your inner power and unleash your true-self.   🌟 Banish stress and anxiety, leaving you with a newfound sense […]

Why you feel anxious & depressed.

It’s really normal to feel anxious AND depressed at the same time. Depression and anxiety are two distinct mental health conditions, but they often coexist and can influence each other. While they have their own unique features, there are several ways in which depression and low mood are linked to anxiety: Negative Thought Patterns: Both […]

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