Clever tricks you won’t have heard before..

What are the things you might try when you’re feeling stressed, anxious, low, overwhelmed, or just out of sorts? ​I bet you’ve got things like mindfulness, journalling, exercise, medication, or better sleep somewhere on your list. Yup, all these things are great and will definitely help, but over the longer-term. ​Nobody seems to know about things you can do in the moment, on the go, […]

How to completely change your Valentines day..

My guilty secret is back on our screens and I’m updating my vocabulary to include words like rizz (charm or charisma) and sitch (situation or relationship). I now understand what younger clients are telling me, and Louisa (in the office) no longer makes me feel like a dinosaur from a far–distant land. The thing that […]

Parent Mental Health Week

  I think every parent has an image in their mind of what being the perfect parent looks like and how we imagined parenting would be. Maybe it’s time to reflect on the fantasy of perfect parenting and accept that there’s no such thing. As you go about the next week or so, catch yourself […]

It’s never too late..

Maybe you know the answer to this, but we were all talking in the office about which actor has earnt the most money in their career.   We were thinking about Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman or possibly Tom Hanks; all actors who have been busy and have been around for a few years.   […]

It’s me, hi, i’m the problem.

How are you feeling at the start of a new year?   Now you know my feelings about this ‘new year, new me’ shizzle, but in all seriousness, if there are changes you’d like to make, read on……….. I was listening to Taylor Swift being interviewed about being TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year”.I wouldn’t […]

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

Those of you old enough to remember the weebles, will recognise the slogan…. “weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” I think this is a great way to deal with the (sometimes constant) body-blows that life deals us. We’re all allowed a wobble from time to time; this may be a bit of a rant, […]

Happy 2023!

Well, Xmas is nearly over for another year, which is when things start to look-up for all of us Xmas humbugs.   If you’re a Xmas lover or a Xmas hater, new year is here and it’s time to take-stock.   ❄️At this point, those of you who are tough on yourselves will decide that […]

Your problems will always be the same.

The things that send people through my door are not always (to the outside world) the huge things, but often an accumulation of things, sometimes across a lifetime. I’ve seen a client this morning who I last saw about 15 years ago. The problem that’s driven her through my (virtual) door, sounds like a different […]

How to win an argument – Wendy style

One of my guilty pleasures is watching reality TV.   My absolute favourite is Married at First Sight, and Andy and I have many a debate about the pairings. Andy likes to think his psychology is better than mine (he’s not a psychologist); to win an argument, I’ll sometimes throw in a bit of jargon, which guarantees he’ll be making the […]

Do you feel low in winter?

Now that the weather has well and truly taken a turn for the worst and the grey days seem never-ending, clients start to ask me about SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Let’s be honest, the bad weather and grey days make us all feel a bit less joyful, but SAD is different. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)  is a type of depression […]

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